My Presentation to the WRDSB on Jan 17, 2022

Click the button below to watch the actual recording of my presentation to the WRDSB Trustees, which the Board has removed from its website:

Press Coverage of My Win in the Anti-SLAPP Motion

Press Coverage of My Expulsion from the WRDSB Meeting

  • WRDSB teacher removed from virtual board meeting after comments deemed transphobic by chair: link
  • Local teacher removed from school board meeting for ‘transphobic comments’: link
  • Teacher removed from school board meeting for comments about book with transgender content: link
  • Waterloo trustees shut down opposition to sexualized children’s books: link
  • Waterloo regional school board to hear from community after teacher expelled for stand on LGBTQ+ books: link
  • Teacher Ejected From Virtual School Board Meeting for “Transphobic Comments”; Subsequently Investigated: link
  • WRDSB expresses regret for recent comments made by teacher: link
  • WRDSB defends removal of delegation on transgender books: link
  • ‘Silenced and punished’: WRDSB teacher speaks out about controversial school board meeting: link
  • ‘No dissent is allowed’: School board bars teacher from raising concerns over transgender books: link
  • Waterloo school board trying to obliterate debate over sexualized children’s books: link
  • Adam Zivo: Reason-phobic school board punishes teacher over valid questions about transgender books: link
  • Robyn Urback: The Illiberalism Clouding Discussions Of Trans-Issues Will Only Push People To The Fringes: link
  • We must guard against the creep of authoritarianism as a threat to liberal democracy: link
  • Peter Woolstencroft: Safeguarding Free Speech and Democracy at the Local Level: link
  • The Epoch Times: Barbara Kay: NB Premier’s Stance Supporting Parental Rights a Promising Sign: link

Press Coverage of the Defamation Lawsuit

  • Former Waterloo region teacher launches $1.75M lawsuit against WRDSB: link
  • Canceled teacher files $1.7 million suit against Waterloo school board: link.
  • Retired teacher sues Waterloo Region District School Board, chair for alleged defamation: link
  • Retired teacher who faced transphobia accusations files defamation suit against WRDSB, chair: link
  • Retired teacher files defamation suit against school board, chair over claim she made transphobic comments: link
  • CTV News Television: link
  • What’s in retired WRDSB teacher’s $1.75 million defamation suit against board: link
  • Update: Retired teacher suing Waterloo public school board, chair seeks $1.75 million in damages: link
  • Ontario Teacher Files Defamation Lawsuit Against School Board for Calling Her ‘Transphobic’: link
  • Public school board votes to make meeting recordings accessible: link
  • Waterloo school board, chair say ex-teacher’s lawsuit aims to silence them: link
  • Ex-teacher says ‘the irony is thick’ in Waterloo public school board’s lawsuit defence: link
  • Ex-teacher’s $1.75M defamation suit against school board meant to silence them, WRDSB and chair say: link
  • Waterloo Region District School Board, chair, claim lawsuit attempting to silence them: link
  • LEVY: Cancelled teacher continues fight against woke Waterloo school board: Link
  • Ontario Teacher Responds to School Board’s Defence in Defamation Case Over Accusation Her Comments Were ‘Transphobic’: Link
  • Amid Shortage of Ontario School Board Trustee Candidates, Trustees and Educators Bemoan Climate of Fear, Censorship: Link
  •  Former teacher provides update on lawsuits against public board: Link
  • Michael Higgins: The tyranny of the bureaucracy and the weaponization of codes of conduct: Link
  • National Post: Court victory for teacher silenced for transgender-book criticism : Link

Press Coverage of the Judicial Review

  • CTV News: Former teacher launches another legal move over removal from WRDSB meeting: link
  • CTV News: More Legal Action Against WRDSB: link
  • CBC News: CBC News: Teacher ejected from school board meeting asks Ontario court to let her finish delegation: link
  • Cambridge Today: Retired teacher files second legal challenge against public board: link
  • The Record: Retired teacher alleges Waterloo public school board violated her right to freedom of expression: link
  • JCCF: Legal action filed against school board that expelled teacher criticizing age-appropriateness of classroom books: link
  • Toronto Sun: https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/former-teacher-wants-courts-to-let-her-speak-about-books-for-young-students: link
  • True North: True North: Cancelled teacher launches second lawsuit against Waterloo school board: link
  • JFFC: Free-speech teacher fights back against a woke school board: link
  • JCCF: Expelled Teacher’s case to be heard on June 5, 2023: link
  • The Record: Carolyn Burjoski’s Charter challenge of Waterloo public school board to begin on Monday: link
  • CTV News Television: Teacher argues school board violated her freedom of speech when her presentation on library books was cut off: link
  •  The Record: Carolyn Burjoski’s lawyer calls former school board chair ‘biased’ in virtual hearing: link
  • CTV News: Teacher argues school board violated her freedom of speech when her presentation on library books was cut off: link
  •  CTV News: Former WRDSB teacher wants to appeal Ontario court decision: link
  • CTV News: Court dismisses appeal by former WRDSB teacher: link
  • CBC News: Ontario Court of Appeal rejects ex-teacher’s appeal in a lawsuit against Waterloo Region District School Board: link
  •  The Record: Burjoski loses appeal in age-appropriate book case against Waterloo Region District School Board: link