My Response to the WRDSB’s Statement of Defence

My Response the the WRDSB's Statement of Defence

So the Waterloo Region District School Board has finally submitted its Statement of Defence to my defamation lawsuit. As I expected, the Board denies any and all wrongdoing. What I did not expect is that, in their Defence, this Board, who:  

  • Cut off my presentation and ejected me from the Trustee’s Meeting
  • Forbade be from speaking to my students and colleagues, and
  • Publicly maligned my reasonable comments as transphobic hate speech

…is now pleading before the Court that I am trying to suppress their free expression by suing them!  

The irony is thick. This Board seems to think they can gaslight an entire community and even the Court into believing the exact opposite of what is actually true.

To be clear, I fully support the Board’s advocacy for the respect, dignity and human rights of the LGBT+ community.

What I do not support is the Board’s silencing, shaming and punishment of anyone who criticizes the age-appropriateness of Board policies based on Gender Theory.  If the School Board has policies and practices with the potential to harm children, then parents and teachers have an obligation to speak up and a right to be heard.

A friend of mine familiar with the Board told me he expects the Board to drag this lawsuit out as long as possible hoping that I will be worn down, burned out and eventually run out of money.   But I am in this to the end.  I will not run out of will or energy and, with your help, I will not run out of money. I am so grateful to the hundreds of supporters who have already contributed more than $30,000 to my GoFundMe campaign, but my lawyer’s fees have already used half that amount.  This legal action is just getting started, so I need more support. I invite you to visit my website where I have posted the court documents.  While there, please consider donating to my GoFundMe campaign or e-transfer to, so that I can finish this, and win. 


Carolyn Burjoski

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  1. Pearl

    Keep fighting the good fight Carolyn this is such an important issue to bring to parents knowledge. School need to be held accountable.

  2. John Slavik

    Good on you for standing up against this left wing lunacy! I’m 100% behind you, thank you very much for having the courage to face these lying and sadistic excuses for human beings, they represent everything wrong with society.

  3. Becky W

    I am happy to support you via etranfer. I don’t think gofundme is a wise option as they may steal or refund it to the donors if they don’t agree with what you are doing. (They did it with a protest held this past February) Keep fighting for our kids and thank you!

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