Urgent Update: An Unexpected Turn in My Fight Against the School Board

WRDSB Moves to Dismiss My Lawsuit

Today I am coming to you in a moment of distress, but also with firm resolve. Before I share my dilemma, let’s recap what has brought us here.

I Was Cancelled for Speaking Up

On January 17, 2022, I spoke at a School Board meeting, criticizing the age-appropriateness of sexual content in children’s books in our elementary schools. As a teacher with more than 20 years of experience, I believed I had the right to speak freely.
Just 4 minutes into my presentation, the Board Chair silenced me, and wrongly accused me of violating the Human Rights Code.

The very next day, my world was shattered. I was suspended from work, barred from speaking with my students and colleagues, subjected to a disciplinary investigation, and worse, labeled publicly by the Board and its Chair as someone who spreads hate speech.
The emotional toll on me and my family has been heavy. But I know in my heart that I had the intention of protecting children from confusing and age-inappropriate materials. I believe that the Board’s severe retribution was intended to silence my voice and those of others who dare to dissent from their ideology.

Now the Board is Filing an Anti-SLAPP Motion

With your incredible support, I mustered the courage to seek justice and filed a defamation lawsuit against the Board and its Chair with the hope that no one would ever have to face what I went through. And now, after dragging their feet for 20 months, the Board has taken an alarming step. They have filed an “Anti-SLAPP motion”, asking the court to dismiss my lawsuit on the grounds that I am attempting to suppress their right to free speech. Ironically, the Anti-SLAPP law was designed to prevent large organizations from using their vast resources to stifle the free speech of individuals. Yet, here we are, with the powerful school board using this very tool against me, a retired teacher.

The proceedings of the Anti-SLAPP motion are scheduled as follows:

  • September 22nd – The Board’s council delivered the Motion Record
  • October 13th – Responding Motion Record to be delivered
  • October 19th – Cross-examinations on Affidavits
  • October 27th – Moving Party Factum to be delivered
  • November 10th – Responding Party Factum to be delivered
  • Week of November 20th – Hearing at the Superior Court of Justice

I Need Your Help!

Responding to this motion will cost me an additional $30,000, or more, money I simply don’t have. I feel the Board is trying to wear me down, drain my finances, and make me surrender. I need your support, now more than ever, to fund this legal battle. Please consider donating to my GoFundMe campaign, share this video, and help me fight and win for all of us.

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  1. K W Davie

    We have to fight for our rights against the people we pay salaries to!

  2. John Hoess

    I have been following your page for some months now. Thank you for standing against an agenda that seeks to promote books that are not appropriate for children to read.

  3. Frank Carere

    Saw that you were successful on the motion. Are you going to file the documents i.e. notice of motion and affidavits and factums etc.

  4. Wanda Gordon

    I saw your story via Epoch Times.

    Thank you for standing up, What you are doing is absolutely necessary. Children are being destroyed and it has to stop.

  5. Peter Wraight

    I have listened to your account and am aware of the recent Supreme Court decision that allowed you costs which is a great start. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for having the guts to take on the School Board and their woke toadies.
    Peter Wraight
    Paisley, Ont.

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