My Second Legal Action Against WRDSB


Judicial Review Announcement

I am excited to announce my second legal action against the WRDSB, which I explain this a new video. My lawyers from The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms have filed a Judicial Review of the Board’s decision to stop me from speaking at the January Trustees meeting. The Judicial Review will focus on whether or not the decision to terminate my presentation was lawful. My lawyers will argue that the Board’s decision to silence me violated my Constitutional Right to Freedom of Expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If we win this case, it will set an important legal precedent; namely, that Canadians have the right to express their questions and concerns in public forums. This legal action will also ask the Court to order the Board to allow me to return to the Trustee’s meeting where I hope to deliver my original presentation in full. The Justice Centre provides their services pro bono so there is no cost to me to pursue the Judicial Review.

Defamation Lawsuit Update

My first legal action, the defamation lawsuit against the Board and Chairperson Scott Piatkowski is estimated to cost upwards of $100,000. I am pleased that my GoFundMe campaign has already reached 25% of that goal. The defamation suit will focus on statements made by Board officials on social media, radio and television in the aftermath of the January Trustees meeting. If I win this case, it will send a strong message to School Board officials that they will be held accountable for misrepresenting the remarks of critical thinkers. 

The Defamation Suit is progressing slowly. Currently, the legal representatives for the WRDSB have notified my lawyer (Justin Heimpel from Sobara Law in Kitchener) that they intend to defend their decision to remove me from the meeting. We have not yet received the written defense from the school board. We are busy preparing our evidence for submission to the Court.

My Goal

The main goal of my legal actions is to assert the rights of parents and teachers to voice their questions and concerns without fear. Freedom of expression is the foundation of all other rights. Without the freedom to voice our ideas and concerns, no other rights are possible. Thank you for standing with me!.

Carolyn Burjoski

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  1. Robert Roth

    As a retired newspaper editor and former journalism and communications instructor at Laurier University, I am profoundly concerned about the growing assault on free speech in this country. I applaud your efforts. The Board’s behaviour is unconscionable and presents a grave threat to the cornerstone of democratic practice. The challenge you are making has been a long time coming. I only wish we had more people, especially politicians, who would speak up against this growing authoritarian trend instead of caving in to it. We need many more voices to speak up in defence of the principle of free speech. It’s easy to defend speech with which one agrees. The true test of one’s support for the concept only comes when you are prepared to defend the right to speech of those with whom you disagree. Regardless of your position, you had a right to be heard. Age appropriateness is a legitimate talking point. When the rights of any citizen are denied, the rights of all of us are diminished. Hence, when the Board of Censors took away your right to speak, it took away everybody’s right to speak. Keep me posted. (I have subscribed to the newsletter.)

  2. Graeme

    You may also reach out to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. They help people like yourself:

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