Update on the Judicial Review from JCCF Lawyer Jorge Pineda

Judicial Review Happening Soon!

My lawyer Jorge Pineda from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) has provided this video update on the Judicial Review which is scheduled to be heard in June. The Judicial Review will examine the legality of the Board’s decision to halt my presentation and eject me from the trustee’s meeting. Winning this case will set a legal precedent that I hope will influence school boards across the country to allow community members to speak freely.  My goal is to return to the WRDSB to complete my entire presentation. I am so grateful to JCCF for sponsoring my case pro bono

Preparing for Examination for Discovery

I am also preparing for the Examination for Discovery stage of my Defamation Lawsuit, during which I will be questioned extensively by the Board’s lawyers. In preparation for those questions, I have been reviewing all the events related to my presentation last year, making notes and writing what happened in those first few weeks.

My reflections have reminded me how traumatic my experience was, and how grateful I am for all of you who have supported me emotionally and helped to fund my Defamation Lawsuit. My goal is to communicate the harm I experienced, which is so similar to the experiences of many other Canadians who have been cancelled, lost jobs or been publicly vilified simply for being honest and speaking out. We must continue to push back against this illiberalism and restore our democratic right to freedom of expression here in Canada.

Thank you for supporting this important case.


Carolyn Burjoski

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